Production Effectiveness Re-Defined:
Fusion Knows the Score

Fusion Factor by Datanomix is the world’s first real time production score that empowers your team to take immediate action. The Fusion platform captures a data stream that is already present on your manufacturing equipment and figures out how to establish a benchmark of good production for every SKU you make.

Drive decisions, increase throughput, and exceed goals with Fusion Factor.

Make Today a Win


Fusion learns what good production looks like per job, and establishes a letter grade known as Fusion Factor.


Fusion shows you which jobs are ahead or behind based on Fusion Factor comparisons to history.


You focus on the lowest Fusion Factor scores to maximize your productivity gains, setting you up for success.

Know the Score Now!

  • Identify hotspots as they occur
  • Understand job performance vs. expectations
  • Direct resources to solve problems quickly
  • Start your day with an immediate snapshot of what’s happening
  • Pre-defined reports that help you remediate challenges and spot trends
  • Drill down to any detail in just a few clicks
  • Intuitive interface
  • Powerful dashboards
  • No learning curve

How Does Fusion Work?  It’s Simple

Second by second, Fusion collects data from your machines and delivers productivity using the Fusion FactorSM scoring system.

It’s Plug and Play: <15 Minutes to Install

No IT department or network administrator?

Works anyway!

Networked via Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

Let’s start!

MTConnect | IO-Link compliant?

You’re ready to go!

Any questions? Contact us and we will talk you through your compatibility.

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Stop putting out fires on your shop floor.
Real-time actionable manufacturing data for your entire organization.
Get clarity now with Fusion.